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PNB Credit Cards: Do you want to apply for PNB Credit cards? Then you have reached the right place. Here we will provide you complete information about PNB Credit cards.

PNB Credit Cards

PNB Credit Cards

Punjab National Bank provides a wide range of credit card services to all the customers. Punjab national bank provides a wide range of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, etc. using which all the customers can perform various banking activities at their convenient place and time. PNB Credit Card offers various amazing offers.


Types of PNB Credit cards

There are 3 types of PNB Credit cards:
1. PNB Global Platinum card
2. PNB Global Gold Card
3. PNB Global Classic Card

1. PNB Global Platinum Card

  • Best Convenience
  • Get Guide’s help round the clock
  • Earn Amazing rewards.
  • Redeem Extra Welcome Points and much more benefits.

2. PNB Global Gold Card

  • Get amazing purchase benefits and other privileges.
  • Accepted across more than 30 million merchants worldwide
  • Get 2 Add-On cards for a spouse, son, daughter, parents, etc. Only one condition, the family member should be above 18 years of age and much more benefits.

3. PNB Global Classic Card

  • Get 2 Add-On cards for a spouse, son, daughter, parents, etc. Provided the family member should be above 18 years of age.
  • No joining fee, Annual Fee, and Renewal fee.
  • Get amazing benefits on railway tickets and much more benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for PNB Credit cards

To apply for PNB Credit card below criteria should be satisfied:

    1.  Education Qualification: Minimum 10th Pass
    2. Age of user: For Primary credit card it should be between 21- 65, while for add-on-card it should be 18-65.
    3. Income criteria for different credit cards:
Income Criteria Classic card Gold Card Platinum card
Salaried Individuals Min Rs 1,00,000 per year Min Rs 2,50,000 per year Min Rs 5,00,000 per year
Business/ Self Employed/
Salaried Individuals
Min Rs 1,00,00 per year Min Rs 2,00,00 per year
  1. Address Status: The user should be the either the resident/ employed in the city
  2. The user should have a good status with the Punjab National Bank for at least 6 months.



Documents required for Application

1. Proof of Address
2. Proof of Identity
3. Proof of Income

How to apply for PNB Credit card?

You can apply for PNB Credit Card if all the above eligibility criteria are satisfied.
There are mainly two ways to apply for PNB Credit Card
By visiting the bank or By Visiting the bank’s website
1. By visiting the bank
– First of all download the application form online or from the nearest bank branch.
– Fill all the required details. Attach necessary documents and submit it to the bank branch.
2. By Visiting bank’s website
-Visit the credit card official website
– Fill all the details online and submit it.

Benefits of PNB Credit cards

Various Benefits of PNB Credit cards are as follows:

  • Utility Bill Pay: Using PNB Credit Card, you can pay electricity bills, telephone bills from the official website of the bank, etc.
  • Balance Transfer Facility: Any Account holder can transfer notable money from any other credit card to PNB Global Credit card at a very low-interest rate. Also, a resident of India holding primary credit card can transfer money at a low interest rate. But, the credit card should not be over the limit.
  • Add-On Credit Card: One can take two supplementary credit card for his/her spouse, children, parents, etc. But the member should be more than 18 years of age.
  • Waiver of Fuel Surcharge: The bank offers the amazing feature, in which it waives off the surcharge on fuel when a user spends about Rs 400 to Rs 3000 per transaction anywhere in India.
  • Free Credit Period: Any user who pays the entire balance of credit card on or before the due date is eligible for minimum 20-50 days of the free credit period. In this period, the user will not be charged any kind of Interest rate on the card.
  • Rewards: The credit card holder can get 1 reward point for every 100 Rs spent. Also, the reward points can be converted to the JP miles, which means the cardholder can save a lot on airline tickets.
  • Removing credit facility: one of the amazing features of credit card is, the user has to pay only the minimum amount due while the rest of the amount is added to the next billing cycle.
  • Concierge Services: In this service, a special desk is allocated for some special credit card holders where they will be provided amazing services such as travel booking assistance, passport/ visa support, emergency medical help, etc.

Fees and Charges on Credit Cards

All the credit card consists of Joining Fee, Annual Fee, and Interest rates.

1. Joining fee: If you have issued credit card against the FD, then there is no joining fee. There is Joining fee f Rs 300 and Rs 500 for Gold and Platinum credit cards respectively. There is no joining fee for classic credit cards.
– One of the most amazing things, the joining fee is refunded back into the account every six months, if the overall expense exceeds a certain amount.
– All the platinum card holders have to pay Rs 500 for Add-on card.
2. Annual Fee: The card holder has to pay a certain amount as an Annual fee.
– The Annual fee is waived off if your overall expense exceeds a certain limit.
– The Annual fee for Gold and Platinum cards is Rs. 300 and Rs. 500 respectively.
– If you have issued credit card against FD, there is no annual fee.

Reward Points

There are rewards points for every purchase your make. The reward points that you have earned can be redeemed in different forms. PNB Gold and Classic card offers 1 reward point for every purchase of Rs. 100 while the PNB Platinum card offers 2 rewards points for every purchase of Rs. 150.

We hope that you got all the Essential Information about PNB Credit cards.

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