PNB Net Banking {Apply For PBN Net Banking Online Step By Step}*

PNB Net Banking: PNB stands for Punjab National Bank, which is Indian Multinational and Financial Services Company headquartered in New Delhi, India. PNB has more than 6950 branches and more than 9930 ATM’s across 764 Cities. PNB has connected more than 80 million customers. Apart from India, PNB has various Branches across different countries of the world. PNB Net Banking offers a wide range of Services and Products to its Customers.

PNB Net Banking

Punjab National Bank

PNB Net Banking

PNB Net-Banking services are useful in each and every sector. PNB Net Banking provides a one-stop solution to all users to fulfill all of their Banking needs. Using Net Banking, Customers can access their Savings Account from Anywhere Anytime. PNB Net Banking provides services such as Pay Utility Bills, Transfer Funds, request for Cheque Book, etc.

PNB-Net-Banking Services

PNB Offers different kinds of Net Banking Services. All the services are listed below:

1. Financial Services

Here is the list of Financial Services:

  • Funds Transfer with PNB:
    Funds Transfer to Own Account: Self Transfers, in which Funds can be added to your account from any other Bank using PNB Net Banking.
  • Funds Transfer to Third Party: Using PNB Net Banking, you can transfer Funds to any Third Party.
  • Inter Bank Fund Transfer: You can Transfer Funds to any other bank using PNB Net Banking. Also, you can Transfer Funds using the methods like RTGS and NEFT, which are available 24×7 through IMPS(Using MMID or IFSC).
Open Accounts Online:

Following Accounts can be opened online using Net Banking.

Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit: Using Net Banking, you can open Fixed or Recurring Deposit Account.
PPF Account: Using Net Banking, you can open PPF Account Online.
Close Fixed Deposit: You can Close your Fixed Deposit online using PNB Net Banking.

Utility Bill Payments:

Using PNB Net Banking, you can pay electricity bills, water bills, landline bills, postpaid bills, etc. You can also recharge your DTH and Prepaid mobile.

Tax Payments:

Using PNB Net Banking, you can pay your Taxes online without any hustle.

Credit Card Payment:

You can pay your credit card bills using PNB Net Banking.

2. Non-Financial Services:

List of Non-Financial Services is as follows:

Account Related Details:

Statement of Account: You can view all the Transaction related details of your account.

Nomination Details:

You can view the Nomination details of your account.

Transaction History:

You can keep track of your transaction history. You can view details about funds transfer, funds received, etc.

Cheque Related Facilities:

Request a Cheque Book: You can Request a Cheque book online using PNB Net Banking.

Stop Payment of Cheque:

You can stop payment of a cheque issued by you online using PNB Net Banking.

Cheque Status Inquiry:

You can Check the status of your Cheque online using PNB Net Banking.

Offline Service Requests:

Certain types of offline service requests are as follows:

  • You can set the limit to your credit card using PNB Net Banking.
  • You can redeem the rewards points of your credit card online using PNB Net Banking.
  • Using PNB Net Banking, You can Renew and Break your Fixed Deposit.
  • You can Register for E-Statement online using PNB Net Banking.
  • Besides these, PNB offers various other Net Banking Services.

Various other value added services

  • You can Reset the Password of Online Registration using PNB Net Banking.
  • Using Net Banking, you can set your recurring transactions.
  • Customize your dashboard according to your needs.
  • E-Filling of your Income Tax online using Net Banking.
  • You can Personalize/ Host list your Debit Card using Net Banking.
  • Using Net Banking, you can set your transaction limit plus you can set a restriction on your login time.

Different ways to Register for PNB Nat Banking

Register Online:

You can do Online Registration on visiting the site

Via Call Centre:

Using the number given below, you can register for Net Banking.
Toll-Free Numbers: 1800 103 2222/ 1800 180 2222
Tolled Number: 0120 – 2490000.

Visiting the Branch:

You can download the form PNB – 1063 from the Website of Bank. After appropriately filling the details submit it to your nearest branch.

Via ATM:

You can register for Net Banking, by visiting any PNB ATM.

How to Register for PNB Net Banking?

PNB Net Banking

PNB Net Banking

You can register for PNB-Net-Banking online by following the steps given below:

1. Visit this link. This is the Official Site of PNB for registering for various services as well as for accessing various services.

2. Now you can observe Login for Internet Banking for Retail User and Corporate User on the Left-Hand Side below the Home Button. Now Click on the Retail User as PNB Net Banking Online Registration is valid for Retail Users only.

3. Next is to click on New User icon in the current page. You can’t log in as you haven’t yet activated Net Banking.

4. Now you have to Enter your PNB Account Number. Please Make Sure to entering your Account Number Correctly. Otherwise, you can face some problems.

5. Select the Internet Banking or Mobile Banking or both.Now you can select the Banking as per your needs from the options offered to you.

6. Click on the Verify Button. After selecting appropriate banking, click on the verify button. You will then receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP on the current Page and then you are verified. Within 48 hrs PNB Net Banking, it will get activated.

To know more in detail about registration of PNB Net Banking, Watch the video as shown below:

PNB-Net-Banking FAQs

What is my User ID for PNB-Net-Banking services?

Your Customer Id will be your User ID, once Net Banking services are activated for your account.

How can I get Password for PNB-Net-Banking services?

You will receive your Net Banking Password based on the way in which you have registered.

  • If you have registered for PNB Net Banking Online, you have to set your password online.
  • If you have registered for service via ATM, you will receive your password at any PNB Branch or your registered address. After receiving the password, enable the service from the Branch.
  • If you have Submitted the request for the Service at your base branch, you will receive the password from that branch only.

I am NRI Customer. Can I avail all Net Banking services?

Yes, you can use various Net Banking Services.

Can I change my User ID and Password?

You are fell free to change to User ID and Password as per your ease. However, it is compulsory to change your User ID and password at the time of your first login. Afterward, you can also change your User ID and Password anytime.

How can I change my password?

In order to change your Password, login into your IBS Account and then Click on “Change Password” option. Also, bank suggests changing the password frequently. 

After, how many attempts my Accounts will get locked?

Here, you will get 5 attempts to enter Login password, while you will get 4 attempts to enter your Transaction password. After which your Account will get locked. In order to get your details, you have to visit your bank branch.

I forget my password? What should I do?

To recover your password, click on the “Forget password” available on the login page of the website. Then enter all the required details as instructed.

Another way, you can visit the bank branch and request for resetting of bank passwords. Your password will be sent to the branch and you can collect from the bank by submitting the form.

Did I forget my User ID? What should I do?

In case you forgot User ID, then you have to directly contact the Bank.

I am Traveling out of India. How can I use PNB Net Banking Services?

Even if you are outside India, you can register for PNB Net Banking services by following steps given below:

1. Download the Form from the PNB Website and Fill all essential fields.
2. Submit the Form Request by attaching the copy of your password at your base branch.

You can use PNB Net Banking services from Apps Available on Android and iOS.

PNB mBanking app is available for Android Users, where you can access all the services offered by the bank.

PNB Mobile App is available for iPhone Users, where you can access all the services offered by the bank.